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The US Campaign for Burma is mainly a US based organization which was evolving of the coalition. We all know that the Jack Healey who are use to provide the fiscal sponsorship to the organization until the nonprofit status of Burma. It depends on the grassroots activists around the globe which help to bring down the military dictatorship in Burma. USCB’s grassroots members are the only US advocacy organization to support human rights at any time.

The members of USCB include the celebrities, global leaders, musicians across the country. The work towards the country by grassroots highly appreciates by the national and international news.  

USCB supports Burma 

We all know that the USCB grassroots members mainly from the US nation. Still, they support the people of Burma for their freedom with the help of human rights as well. Also, help to convince UN secretary general to commit on the issue to release political leaders from prison. In the name of supporting, USCB members sent thousands of emails directly to the secretary general.

Also, the grassroots gets a huge number of petition signatures to demand the prisoners to release. USCB with more than 100 communities helps to support for the Burma people.

Stand by political leaders

For the information, the member seeks the political leaders across the globe. There are almost all the presidents across the world signs to demand the release of poor people of Burma. Also, 16 countries support the grassroots members to do the great work. In a final stage, the team gets more than 10,000 additional members includes celebrities. Over the 10 years of work, they slash the combined with Burma military regime.

It also helps to prevent more than 10,000 billion dollars. As per the official information, the news about the grassroots members took place in more than 10,000 articles.

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Efforts of USCB

The massive efforts by USCB members take the lead to support the people of Burma. They also led a great effort to bring and place the Burma on a permanent program of the UN Security Council. Also, they arranged more than 25 trips with Americans to Burma to shoot the documentary on poverty of Burma.

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