This is the windows server backup that features with providing some of the basic backup as well as recovery solution for the computers running with the windows server 2008 that operates with the system.

This is a power pack performance and even the recovery technology that replaces the previous windows backup featuring the availability with earlier versions of the windows operating systems.

Introducing the windows server backup system

This is the server backup system that features with the window server 2008 consisting of Microsoft management console with snap in and command line tools providing with a complete solution for day to day backup as well as recovery needs.

This can even be used four wizards to guide the way through the help of running backups and recoveries. With this there is recovery of volumes, folders, files and even certain applications as well as those system states.

But when it’s the case of disasters like the hard disk failures there can be performance counted with the system recovery. This is going to be a perfect recovery source that will help with restoring the complete system onto the new hard disk, by using a full server back up and the window recovery environment.

The window server backup is there to create and manage with the backups for the local computer or with the remote computer. The window server is just an amazing perform one time backups to augment the scheduled backups.

The new concept about it

The window server backup includes with some of the improvements which are like:-

  • This is provided with faster backup technology that serves as a volume shadow copy service and even blocks level backup technology to back up and recover with the operating system, files and folders as well as volume. After a complete backup is created you can also take on configuration of windows server backup to automatically run incremental backups with saving the data that has changed since the last backup.
  • The simplified restoration that is associated with restoring the items by choosing a backup and then selecting specific items from that of the back up to restore. With this you can recover specific files from a folder or even all the contents of the folder. Adding to that, you need to manually restore from multiple backup with the items stored on an incremental backup.
  • This is simplified recovery of your operating system with new windows recovery tools to make it easier for you to recover the operating system. Even you can recover to the same server when there is a hardware failure.
  • This is also generating the ability to recover applications that is built into applications like that of Microsoft server to protect the application data.
  • The window server backup includes with a wizard that would guide the complete process of creating the daily backups and even with the system volumes that are automatically included in all scheduled backups which can keep you protected against the disasters.
  • The protocol is also going to help with offsite removal of backups for disaster protection and this is going to enable with moving disk volumes that are automatically included in all scheduled backups for protecting against the disaster.